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Unlimited access to emotional regulation resources at the touch of a button?
You need Worley's World Underground.

A classified area filled with exciting activities to help you build your very own emotional regulation toolkit.Fancy being a part of Worley's secret underground world? Sign up here!

                                                                         Most suitable for 4-8 years
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Block of 1:1 Kids Sessions
Allow your child to become the boss of their brain. Unleashing their inner superhero! Bespoke sessions designed to offer your child the tools and techniques to support their ability to understand, recognise and manage emotions.

Three engaging session filled with activities designed for your child's needs.  
Includes resources worth over £50!

'When Worley' Book Series
Inspiring children to learn about their emotions through the magic of stories.

Ready to help your child to #bebravelikeworley ?


Kids Confidence Cracking Hour

Book a Kids Confidence Cracking Hour with me, Jodi, to talk through any concerns you have about your child and areas where you need support.  
Whether it's an issue with anxiety, self-esteem, anger or another issue relating to their mental well-being we can work together to make sure you have everything you need to crack your kids confidence.
What this service offers:
We will chat via video for 60 minutes to make a plan of how you can support your child at home straight away. Once you have booked your call I'll send you a short questionnaire so I can see exactly what it is you're needing help with.  That way the chat is tailored to your needs as a parent. 

Let's empower your little one to unleash their inner superhero

and be the boss of their brain!



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