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A little about me...

and the creation of 

Worley’s World Logo.  Half rainbow behind a wooden sign that says ‘Worley’s World’, little blue monster with orange crown waving stood in front of wooden sign

Hi, I’m Jodi! A kids confidence coach, an experienced primary school teacher – and now a published author!

Coming from a teaching background, reading to children has been an activity I’ve cherished. So writing and publishing my own books will remain for me one of my greatest achievements, and something I hold very close to my heart.

My dream has always been to help nurture and educate little minds through creative, engaging activities. I have spent many years developing Worley's World, which has your children’s well-being at its center. This is an approach to emotional education that offers support using whimsical emotion monsters, who inspire your children to #bebravelikeworley.

Having suffered with my own mental health, both as a child and as an adult, I strongly believe that we all have the capacity to discover the best versions of ourselves. By supporting your children to explore their emotions and recognise their strengths, they too can find what makes them unique.

Our children are born with excellence within them. It’s my mission to encourage them to unlock their powers and release their inner superhero!

I created the When Worley series to help introduce the often challenging situations your children face in a way that is relatable and fun. The rhymes help children to remember the story and the messages act as strategies to aid self-regulation.

My hope is that these books will offer a great tool to stimulate conversations about feelings in a way that isn’t overwhelming for your child, as well as being fun for grown-ups and children to share together.


‘Go after your dreams, they’re waiting for you – see what you can achieve.

It’s amazing – fantastic! – what we can do when we just start to believe!’

When Worley Gets Brave! Jodi Heyes, 2021

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