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It was amazing. I liked that it rhymed and it was colourful. Worley's friends were good friends. They didn't give up on Worley. It's okay to make mistakes, we all make mistakes. You shouldn't stop trying.


Sam Berveridge aged 7


Amazing. I liked how it flowed. I love a book with rhyming as Sam can guess the final word of the sentence!

CJ Macmanus, parent


What an absolute little treasure of a book for our little ones. Jodi has created and written something really special here. Worley is a beautifully characterised monster who will help send inspiring messages to children far and wide. Not only is the story filled with helpful guidance for families to boost their children's confidence but her illustrations are fun, vibrant and totally on point to catch the eye of young readers. Well done Jodi, we cant wait for more of Worley's adventures!

Kylie Dixon, Published Author

Perfect book to promote resilience
This book has a fantastic message portrayed in a way which is perfect for little ones. It’s a great way to spark discussions about any worries and can help adults support children before tackling something new e.g starting school. Would highly recommend this book it’s not only a lovely story but a powerful one too.

Laura Nealon, Primary Teacher

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On the Phone

Secretary aged 60

I am an OAP who has struggled with anxiety and low self esteem all my life. Jodi showed me how to remember a particular time when I felt good about myself and then make the colours in the image bold and the image big in my mind.  Also to remember how I felt at this time and attach these feelings to the image and then put the image in my pocket where it is available to retrieve at any time I choose.  It serves as a real reminder of who I can be.  For anxiety Jodi had me recall a time when I felt most relaxed and hold onto this feeling.  Through further work with this image I only have to think of this image and I am transported to my calm place.  I am still a working progress but I believe Jodi can help show me the way to change my negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.  I look forward to starting how to live. 

Girl at School

Child aged 8

I can't see that bad picture anymore.  I feel like it doesn't matter now.  Where did it go and how did you do that?  Wow that magic finger is great! 

Thank you for being my teacher, I am grateful to have you.

Young Teacher

Teacher, Fife Council

Jodi has been a valuable colleague over the past few years.  Her knowledge of mindfulness, nurture and regulating emotions has been an asset to her class and wider school community, especially concerning those children from trickier backgrounds. She has shown herself to be caring, approachable and solution focused.  I would recommend her skill set to anyone in or out with education.

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Parents and Toddler

Parent, Fife

I absolutely love the Mindfulness Cards. Really came in handy with the run up to the festivities; especially with one parent being away and us taking a trip.  Also the first Xmas without my Gran. Really helped!

Princess Dad

Parent, Fife (child aged 13)

Having attended a 1:1 session with my child I can see they have definitely made progress! For the first time in a long time they haven't mentioned the class they have struggled to go into.  Usually the evening is spent worrying and getting into a panicked state.  I am shocked in the difference in them this is a major improvement.  They are more able to manage during class time and has only needed to remove themselves from the class once.  However, after sitting and using new techniques, they were able to go back into class! 

Child Model

Child aged 6

Mindful time is really relaxing, it calms me down after I have been running around a lot.  I feel like I'm much more ready to do my learning. 

I really like it at the end of a day when we share our positives.  It means we get to leave the class with a smile.  

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