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School Workshops -Author Visits- Family Workshops

As a Kids Confidence Coach, I have been fortunate to connect with children from various walks of life. Each child is unique, each story is different, and each experience is enriching. Over the years, I have gathered these stories and experiences and woven them into the ‘When Worley’ series. This series is a collection of stories that mirror kids' realities, their dreams, their struggles, and their victories. It is a reflection of their journey, their growth, and their transformation into confident individuals.

Author Visits (Year 1-3)
-Half day or Full day-

Based on the books in the 'When Worley' series

Be Brave Like Worley!

Focusing on developing a growth mindset

Be the boss of your Brain!

Dealing with anger and frustration

Be proud to be you!

Focusing on positivity and coping with jealousy

Author Visits (Year 4-6)
-Half day or Full day-

Learn how to illustrate

Join Jodi in this fantastic workshop where she teaches children how to digitally draw.  

Captivating children with her openness with her own struggles at school, Jodi talks to children about her own neurodiversity and how she has learned to adapt to become a successful author and illustrator.

*Compatible tablets to be provided by school


School Workshops
Be your own Superhero!-

A series of 8 engaging workshops designed to inspire children to build their own emotional regulation toolkits.

Focusing on developing confidence, dealing with anxiety, understanding and managing angers well as promoting a positive mindset and being proud of who you are.

Learn how to be your own Superhero!

Family Learning Workshops
-Be your own Superhero!-

A series of 6 engaging workshops  to inspire families to learn together and develop tools to embed into daily routines that support mental health and wellbeing.

Enjoy sessions packed with creativity, positivity and fun.

Each workshop includes a take home activity and a resource to add to your families emotional regulation toolkit.

Learn how to be your own Superhero!

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Passionate about supporting mental health within the community,

I work with CIC's, Charities and other large local organisations.

Subject to funding bids - I am happy to provide any necessary supporting information.

Click the image to find out more about Northern Lights and the fab work they do with the community.

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