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When Worley Bundle

When Worley Bundle


Book Bundle  - When Worley Gets Brave! and When Worley Gets Angry!


Inspire your children with these fantastic books, nurtirng and educating little minds to #bebravelikeworley by learning about how to manage their emotions. 


A fantastic bundle featuring book one 'When Worley Gets Brave!'


Getting braver is easy with Worley!


Ever felt too scared to try something new?

Staying safe in my cave is what I used to do.


Until one day, my best friends came along

and said my mistakes can help make me strong.


They told me their stories and little did I know,

how brave I would feel if I gave things a go!


Do you have scared feelings and want to be frees?

I'll let you in on my secret - give my story a read.



Teaching small children the confidence to being brave.


ALSO INCLUDING book two 'When Worley Gets Angry!'


Coping with anger is much easier with Worley and George!


Ever felt so angry you didn’t know what to do?

I struggle with my emotions, my friend George does too.


Being angry is totally normal, we all feel it from time to time.

It’s completely okay to feel this way, it really isn’t a crime.


Join me on my journey as I learn new ways to cope.

There’s lots of special ways to help, please don’t lose hope.


Let’s learn about this feeling alongside my good mate.

Discover how George can help me deal with my angry state.


Teaching small children the tools to manage anger. 



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