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When Worley Gets Jealous! - Pre Order

When Worley Gets Jealous! - Pre Order


Coping with jealousy is much easier with Worley and Hettie!


Have you ever felt so jealous that you didn’t know what to do?  I find this emotion so tricky, and my friend Hettie does too.


Feeling jealous of your friends or left out of a game.  “Why are they all better than me, why aren’t we all the same?”


Come with me on my adventure as I learn about this emotion.  Let’s look at our jealousy differently so we don’t cause an explosion!


Together we can learn about this feeling that’s quite unfair. Discover how Hettie teaches me to become more self-aware!


Please note this is a Pre-Order.  Your book will not be shipped until it has been fully published and released.  Stay up to date with news and events by joining Worley's World on Facebook or subscribe to my mailing list here.



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