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Mindful Monday 🧠

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Were going with "Mindful Monday" because sometimes it is actually hard to get motivated!

Many accounts on insta or faceyB seem to opt in for spreading motivation on a Monday. Which, don't get me wrong, I love a wee pick me up. However, being a sufferer of anxiety myself, it can often be a little bit of a mood dropper reading a motivational boost when you're simply feeling rubbish. In some cases it can actually make you feel a whole lot worse!

So not to go against what they are doing as I know full well it will be supporting millions of people, but more to add in an alternative... this is how I arrived at "Mindful Monday".

If you have little ones that get anxious, like Worley does, on this page you will find fabulous ideas to help embed a little bit of mindfulness into your families lives. Before I get started adding in content from the Facebook page, I will add in a link to a previous blog I wrote all about why Mindfulness is so effective. Simply click the image or follow the link below for a little background info.

Follow the Facebook page for weekly updates. If you miss a post, no need to worry as I will continue to add them to this blog so they're all safe in one place. Why not favourite the blog so you have instant access to wonderful activities and build resilient kids!


Grounding - A great way to being your mind back to a calm state. Get your little ones involved and be mindful together! Watch the video by clicking on the you tube image or follow the link.


Remember Mindfulness doesn't need to be a chore. Taking 10 minutes a day is a great way to start and still brings many benefits.

One of my favourite things to do is mindful colouring. It helps our little ones feel calm at the same time as sparking their creativity.

Download and print your own copy of Menace the Mindful Monster here.

Menace Mindful Colouring
Download PDF • 140KB


Another fantastic breathing exercise that can be literally done anywhere is a great way to help us find calm.

All about focusing on your breathing and really slowing it down. When we take the time to concentrate on the way we are breathing, paying close attention to the breathe in and out, we are sending signals to our brain that we are trying to calm down. The powerful tool that our brain is then signals the body and magically things happen allowing our emotional state to change.


Stay Tuned for more ideas!

I would love to hear about any activity you get involved with, so feel free to tag @worleyandco on Facebook, comment on the posts and share photos or even drop me an email with what you have been getting up to ( )

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