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Inspiring happy, confident and resilient kids!

Welcome to Worley's World!

A friendly supportive community for families looking to nurture and educate little minds.

Inspire your children to grow in confidence alongside my tribe of emotion monsters - collectively known as Worley and Co.

Ready to help your child to #BeBraveLikeWorley ?

be brave like worley

Together we can improve our children's mental well-being using practical strategies which they can use now and throughout life. 

Providing the guidance and tools our little people need to fill their toolkit allowing them to be in control of their emotions and the boss of their brain!

5 way to wellbeing

'When Worley' Book Series

Inspiring children to learn about their emotions through the magic of stories.

outdoor therapy kids
childrens outdoor workshop fife

Supportive Online Community

A fantastic friendly group filled with kids well-being tips, activities and so much more!


Worley's World Books

Grab yourself copies of the 'When Worley' series... why not grab yourself some merch too!

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