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Worry Journal with Worley - anxiety support

Worry Journal with Worley - anxiety support


Worry Journal for Kids 👦👧

A Worry Workbook for kids to help them process their worries with the help of Worley the Worry Monster! 👾

By taking time to think about a worry your child will be able to lessen the impact it has on them. Strengthening their emotional intelligence, allowing them to cope with life's little stresses. 🧠

What is ‘My Worry Journal with Worley the Worry Monster’?
This lovely A5 worry diary is a workbook that can help you to help your child. It is a wonderful journal for your child to use to help them to understand why they worry, what worries are and it acts as a tool to support your child to let their worries go.

How can this help my child?
Using Worley the Worry Monster as a whimsical and supportive character, this worry journal helps your child to understand their anxiety and how to remap negative thought processes allowing their rational brain to process their worries. By taking the time to rationalise their worries and look at them in a positive light supports them with managing anxiety. This worry diary offers a fantastic way for children and their parents to learn about strategies to support mental well-being. It is vital that our children learn feeling anxious is totally OK, it is about learning strategies which can help us recognise worries and how to talk openly about them. Once your child has remapped their anxious thoughts into a more positive outcome they can then leave their message for Worley to reply… that’s you by the way! 😊

What is inside the worry journal?
This workbook includes:
👾 An uplifting message from Worley
👾 Child friendly explanation about worries
👾 An example of how to use the worry diary pages
👾 40 blank diary entries (Advised to work through these pages initially with an adult when the anxiety appears, later on children will be able to use independently to help improve confidence when self-regulating)
👾 4 Affirmation activities to boost positive thinking and self-esteem
👾 Info on how to access Worley’s Facebook community for more support

What age is this book suitable for?
It is a super resource for children aged approximately 5-11 years.
For those children who struggle to write, verbalising their worries with an adults help to write them down is just as effective as a child writing the worries themselves. Once children are confident writers and able to use the worry journal to process their worries it is advised where possible that they are encouraged to write independently to enable them to self-regulate.

Other Info:
A4 Wire Bound Workbook Printed by CP Print

Designed by Jodi Heyes, Founder of Future Footsteps

My products have been created as a supportive tool to help children improve their emotional intelligence. Allowing them to build resilience by boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Teaching your children ways to cope with the emotions they experience can also help them self-regulate.

Each product has been designed with therapeutic strategies in mind as I am a trained therapist, however, they DO NOT replace the advice of a medical professional. In the event of mental health concerns, seek a medical professional opinion.

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