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Monster Mindfulness

Monster Mindfulness


Monster Mindfulness with Menace 👦👧

A pack of pocket-sized Mindful Cards to take with you anywhere!
Menace the Mindful Monster is here to share his mindful exercises with you.👾
Mindfulness teaches your child to take notice of what is happening now and stop their thoughts from drifting. Work together to guide your little one through calming activities.

What are ‘Monster Mindfulness with Menace’ cards?
These are a pack of A6 postcards perfectly sized to embed a little bit of mindfulness on the go. The pack contains 8 Mindfulness activities for you and your little one to enjoy together. Designed to help bring calmness into what can be a hectic life. Taking time to be mindful has several benefits including reducing anxiety!

How can this help my child?
Using these cards as part of your child’s daily routine can help them to reduce any anxious thoughts or feelings, improve key skills such as focus and self-control, help them to build stronger relationships as they are able to control their emotions more easily, improve sleep and support a positive mindset. So many benefits for a handy pocket-sized technique. Perfect for your little one’s calming toolkit.

What will I get?
This pack includes:
👾 8 Mindful Activity Cards
👾 Front and Back Card
👾 In a handy A6 popper wallet for safe keeping

What age is this suitable for?
It is a super resource for children aged approximately 3+years
For younger children, read through the cards and explain the activities to them. Join in with your little one and be mindful together. Older children can enjoy independently as part of their own self-regulation toolkit.

Other Info:
A6 Single-sided Postcards
Printed on 300gsm silk artboard
A6 Popper Wallet
Designed by Jodi Heyes, Founder of Future Footsteps
Printed by CP Print

My products have been created as a supportive tool to help children improve their emotional intelligence. Allowing them to build resilience by boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Teaching your children ways to cope with the emotions they experience can also help them self-regulate.

Each product has been designed with therapeutic strategies in mind as I am a trained therapist, however, they DO NOT replace the advice of a medical professional. In the event of mental health concerns, seek a medical professional opinion.
Please do not forward, share or resell.

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