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Mindful Menace Moment- Worry Stone

Mindful Menace Moment- Worry Stone


Worry Stone for Kids 👦👧
👾 Mindful Menace Moment 👾

A pocket monster to support your little one when they’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. 👾
Holding and connecting with a calming pebble, such as a 'Mindful Menace Moment' can create a sense of peace making the mind more relaxed and generating a sense of calmness.

What is a ‘Worry Stone- Mindful Menace Moment’?
This lovely little palm sized monster is a powerful tool to absorb negative emotions. Acknowledging our feelings can help us to process them and with this worry stone and script you can restore the feeling of calm.
How can this help my child?
Taking time to be mindful can have several benefits, including; reducing stress and anxiety, improving the ability to focus as well as boosting mood. Using a Mindful Menace Moment is a perfect way to embed a little bit of mindfulness into your little one’s routine. The technique used within the script is known as grounding and is a fantastic method used to help reduce negative emotions and calm anxious feelings.
What will I get?
This item includes
👾 A handmade Worry Stone with Menace painted on
👾 A mindfulness script
👾 A black velvet pouch to keep Menace safe
What age is this book suitable for?
It is a super resource for children aged approximately 3-11years
With younger children, please supervise as they are intended for being held.
Other Info:
Each stone is hand painted so they may slightly differ in appearance
Stones are of various shapes and sizes, all small enough to fit in the palm of your hand
Please not these stones could fade in appearance when loved lots
Designed by Jodi, founder of Future Footsteps
My products have been created as a supportive tool to help children improve their emotional intelligence. Allowing them to build resilience by boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Teaching your children ways to cope with the emotions they experience can also help them self-regulate.

Each product has been designed with therapeutic strategies in mind as I am a trained therapist, however, they DO NOT replace the advice of a medical professional. In the event of mental health concerns, seek a medical professional opinion.

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