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Feelings Cushion

Feelings Cushion


Make talking about emotions fun with this fantatsic feelings cushion.  Sparking coverstations in a way that totally takes away the feeling of overwhelm. 


This cute little cushion measures approximately 17cmx17cm with a small pocket in the front left hand corner to place an emotions card.  Each cushion comes with a bag of 9 double sided emotion cards.

Perfect to introduce emotions from a young age.  Begin by focusing on recognising facial expressions, chat about the sensations we feel when experiencing emotions and enjoy where the conversations take you.  You'll be amazed by what your littles want to talk about.


These cushions are great to use with your own children in the house, espcially if new  or challenging situations might be coming up.  They would also be very much suited to educational settings, in particular with small groups of children. 


Emotions Include:

Tired, bored, embarrassed, happy, confused, sad, jealous, anxious, shy, disappointed, excited, brave, calm, scared, proud, surprised, nervous and angry. 

  • Delivery

    Please allow 2 weeks for delivery as these are made to order. 

  • Washing

    Wash on a low temperature. Do not tumble dry

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