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Neuro-Linguistical Programming!

Does your little one experience troubles linked to their emotions? Do they display unwanted behaviours, phobias or experience anxious thoughts?


Neuro-Linguistical Programming or NLP for short is a fabulous self-development tool which can help your child to understand and manage their thoughts and emotions.  Allowing them to deepen their self-esteem, boosting confidence and resilience whilst setting them up to develop better relationships and tools to self-regulate.


Child psychologists claim that your child’s experiences, in particular

between the age of 3 and 11 are what is known as the imprint period.

Meaning that experiences between these ages are likely to have a

lasting impact on who your child becomes, how they express their

feelings and display their behaviours as well as building their own

representation of the world and how they see it in later life.


This is why it is vital to teach our children about their thoughts and emotions, providing them with the opportunities to explore techniques to support the way they react in different situations. If children are not exposed to learning related to their emotions they can find it difficult to achieve their full potential.


The Future Footsteps approach has NLP at the core.  Using my tribe of emotion monsters to provide characters your child can relate to and teach techniques to help boost emotional intelligence (the ability to understand and regulate emotions). Worley and Co spark imagination allowing your child to improve their confidence and feeling of self- worth as well as developing problem solving skills and becoming all round more mentally healthy.

Be brave
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