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Kids Collection - DoTerra Essential Oils

Kids Collection - DoTerra Essential Oils


Kids Collection - DoTerra Essential Oils (Full set)

Check out their amazing benefits by looking at the images of the 'How To Use' informationcards.

This kit contains:

  • Seven unique 10mL roll-ons
  • Thinker (Focus blend)
  • Calmer (restful blend)
  • Stronger (Protective Blend)
  • Tamer (Digestive Blend)
  • Steady (Grounding Blend)
  • Rescuer (Soothing Blend)
  • Brave (Courage Blend)
  • Seven silicone toppers with carabiners
  • Flashcards
  • Heavy duty + kid-friendly carrying case with carabiner and space for up to 10 bottles
  • A5 'How to use' Information Cards


Why the Kids Collection?

Not only do these awesome little potions smell absolutely incredible but they have been formulated with our little ones in mind.  Completely child friendly these easy to use essential oil blends have been created to support developing minds, bodies and emotions. Not only are they delicate on young skin they can empower our children to become confident and more resilient when taking control of their own needs.  From emotional support to those common complaints like an upset tummy, “there’s an oil for that!”  
Teach your little ones to use oils as part of their emotional regulation toolkits and don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the blends yourself. I know I have! The DoTerra Kids Collection includes six pre-diluted 10ml roll-on blends designed to support the heart body and mind. 



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