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Brave - DoTerra Courage Blend

Brave - DoTerra Courage Blend


Brave- Courage Essential Oil



  • Brave essential oil energises the senses with its warm and zesty aroma, promoting feelings of confidence and courage
  • Apply on skin to boost positive feelings and belief in oneself improving self-esteem
  • Great convenient roll on bottle which has been designed to help manage feelings of uneasiness or anxiety promoting a sense of courage when needed




1x 10ml roll on Brave- courage Blend Oil, Be Brave Keyring with tassle (oil can be applied to tassle), 'how to use' information card, arrives in a small recyclable giftbox.


How to use:

  • Roll on the wrists and then deeply inhale to boost feelings of confidence and courage
  • Apply to back of neck throughout the day to help encourage a sense of tranquilities
  • Roll on bottoms of feet to boost confidence and promote positive emotions
  • Use before a new, different, or difficult situation to boost courage when facing tricky situations
  • Apply at the start of the day to begin your day on a positive feeling confident and boosting courage
  • Keep a bottle of Brave in your bag, making it quick, convenient, and easy to use whenever you feel you need a boost of courage and confidence



Wild Orange, Amyris, Osmanthus, and Cinnamon essential oils in a base of Fractioned Coconut Oil.



For more info about the kid’s collection visit

  • Kids Collection Image

    Please note the Kids Collection Kit image is for illustration purposes only.  This price is for 1x Brave Courage blend. 

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